Black Hole Structure
The Singularity This is the region of the black hole where all the mass of the black hole has been compressed down to nearly zero volume. As a result the singularity has almost infinite density and creates an enormous gravitational force
The Event Horizon This is the "point of no return". Any object, even light, that is within this radius cannot escape the gravitational pull of the black hole
The Schwarzschild Radius This is the event horizon's radius. It is the radius at which the escape velocity is equal to the speed of light,
R = 2GM/c^2
The Accretion Disk This is a disk composed of stellar material that is spiraling towards that black hole
The Ergosphere If the black hole is rotating, then as it spins, its mass causes the space time around the black hole to rotate as well. This region is called the ergosphere.
Jets of Gas For some black holes high intensity magnetic fields are emitted perpendicular to the accretion disk. This causes charged particles to circle these magnetic field lines and creates jets of gas perpendicular to the acceleration disk.


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